About us – Roseyard
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The team here have worked very hard to respect the history of the buildings during the renovations.

This is a luxurious holiday destination that respects and celebrates the farming and industrial heritage. With the help of an interior designer the spaces all have their own individual feel whilst keeping a nod to the sites industrial past.

Something we also have worked hard on is minimising the ecological impact of this renovation and the ongoing environmental impact.

Renovation Project

The renovation project commenced early 2018 and from the start it was clear it was going to be a challenge.

We were very lucky that all the buildings and roofs were in a good condition. This meant that alot of the orignal features needed little attention and that the challange for us was to convert these historic buildings whilst maintaing thier character. With a great team of consultants and contractors behind us Roseyard was completed in the summer of 2019. A massive thank you to everyone who was involved in this fantastic project!